Disputes involving Children

We are highly experienced in all areas of work involving children, including specialist children panel members.
Examples of the areas of law we specialize in are:-

  • Where a child/children should live (residence, sometimes referred to as custody)
  • What contact a child/children should have with the non-resident parent (contact sometimes referred to as access)
  • Shared care arrangements (shared residence)
  • Disputes involving a child/children´s education, religious upbringing, medical intervention and any other aspects of their care and upbringing (specific issue)
  • Removal from the jurisdiction
  • Restrictions on a parent in respect of a child/children (prohibited steps)
  • Parental responsibility. What it means and how to obtain it.
  • Paternity disputes and declaration of parentage.

We will endeavour where appropriate to negotiate agreement and in circumstances where this is not possible we will advise in respect of court proceedings and provide representation throughout the proceedings.